Workwear Jewellery

After being in corporate world for more than half a decade, I noticed that women professionals had a few questions in common, no matter where they lived or where they worked.


  • What’s Office-Appropriate Jewellery?
  • Which jewellery will go well with my Western & Indian outfits?

Well…I have seen women spend hours surfing the internet, spend more time in checking out other women, keen to see what “the opposition” is wearing, Clocking other women’s shoes, bags, jewellery and what not. Hence I thought since we have such busy work lives and women have to deal with extremely herculean tasks at the office, why not cover Workwear Jewellery as my first post in Office Wear Series.

How to start building your Chic Jewellery Wardrobe?

  • Select the Jewellery Type: I personally prefer Diamond, Gold, Silver, Gemstones and Pearls solely because it’s a good investment option {Since we Indians have this typical money saving habit ;-)} and it gives you a sense of ownership making you a queen of your realm. Have a few pieces but make sure they should stand out and are always in vogue.
  • Minimalism is the key: With shapely simplicity, Minimalistic jewelry has become an outfit savior accommodating many dress code restrictions at work. Opt for simple yet chic pieces or geometric jewellery.

Who does not get tempted by a pair of Solitaires 🙂

Simple studs or huggies are the best earring options!

Let your jewellery do the talking!

Pearls are always appropriate!


  • Bye-bye bling and Classics are forever.
  • A big No No to traditional, old fashioned jewellery
  • Be slightly quirky while choosing those statement pieces, your style should reflect your attitude, fearlessness without being overly edgy
  • Websites which I recommend for Office Jewellery:
    • Mia by Tanishq: Covers contemporary workwear jewellery with unique design and patterns.
    • Caratlane: They have Workwear jewellery and they also cover jewellery by type

So, a question which might be coming to your mind:

Is Jewellery Wardrobe equally important as your Workwear Wardrobe? My answer is YES. What about yours? Keep me posted with your comments below. I’d love to hear your thoughts 🙂



  1. Nice post. I had a doubt, isn’t the oxidized metal jewelley in trend. could you please shed some light on that.. Thank you!

    • This trend was very much in vogue in 90’s and they’re back again. Definitely a must-have with any Indian attire. I personally love jhumkas and statement neckpieces more than nose studs and bangles. Depending on the designation/office environment, I would say why not rock a few pieces 🙂

  2. Great read . You mentioned it correctly that diamonds /solitaires are best and that too minimal ! Keep it up girllll

  3. A very nice blog…Even Bluestone has got a pretty good collection.
    “Diamonds/Solitares are for sure a woman’s best friend” and recent trends by these sites show any workng woman can afford these little shiny gems. Elite but not-too-elitist any more!

  4. This is the least thought about yet one of the most important thing when you think of chic office looks..where can I find those huggies?? Looks real classy

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