Summer Vibes: White Shirt with Vents

Being an avid reader, I keep researching ‘a lot’ about current trends, texture, patterns, design, etc. And recently, I was reading an article on how dressing reflects your mood/emotional state? To my surprise there are 100’s of articles written on this subject. Turns out that it’s a medical condition and to overcome one needs to create a “happy wardrobe” 🙂 Yes, one should always wear clothes that fit beautifully and boost your confidence. Learn which colors and cuts flatter you and what makes you happier 🙂

Coming on to today’s outfit, since the summer is at it’s peak hence I decided to wear something which is light, breezy and comfy. I chose ripped jeans, and layered it with a white casual shirt. A perfect trendy outfit for summers.

Hope y’all enjoyed the look and keep me posted with your comments below!

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  1. Hey Mansi, i love your posts so muchhhh.. The images in this post are abso-fucking-lutely stunning..
    Thank you for sharing.

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