Day 1 (Himachal) – Shimla Scribblings!


“Ruskin Bond once said: It is always the same with mountains. Once you have lived with them for any length of time, you belong to them. There is no escape!”

It feels so true. I’m still not out of vacation hangover. The more I am thinking the more I am going over those thoughts, feelings, memories … YES! Those are memories edged in my mind. It ain’t possible to come out of it. Actually I don’t want to. It was such a calm, serene and peaceful place. Treat for the eyes which we miss when we start to stay in big cities. Since I joined my new company and being a marketeer I don’t get time to even breathe! And this was a much needed break. I guess I am so excited to tell you about all of it!

This was a 9 day excursion starting from Shimla => Kufri => Chail => Manali => Lahaul-Spiti => Kasol. I will cover the entire Himachal Pradesh Diaries in my forthcoming blogs. But to start with let me just speak about the road trip and how it all began.

SO this was an ad hoc plan unlike how I usually do for my trips and luckily due to some karmic intervention 😉  we had 10 days in our hand to plan and do all the bookings. Sadly, in our research for the places we intended to cover, we couldn’t come across a single blog/website which could talk in detail (Surprising, isn’it!). This obviously inspired me all the more to write about this trip and detail everything as it becomes easier for other travellers.

Shimla is @ height of 7,467ft. Best time to visit Shimla is from March – June, these are the summer months with temp averaging 25°C which attracts lot of tourists. For people who love winters, can visit from November – February as snowfall makes it a winter wonderland.
Day 1: We started @ 6:00 am from Gurgaon (via NH8=>NH1=>NH5). Before reaching Shimla we made 3 pit stops, 1 major (90 mins) and 2 tiny ones (15-20 mins each).

Shimla is within 400 Kms range from Gurgaon which takes around 8-10 hours including the above mentioned halts. The roads till Chandigarh are brilliant, then you slow down coz of the hills, but the view makes it all worth it! The moment we crossed Chandigarh, it was an uphill drive, I could see lot of pine, birch & cedar trees on the way. We stopped for lunch @ Gyani’s dhaba in dharampur which is apparently very famous and people were queueing up. Food was good and one should definitely try their Lemon Chicken! After such a long & tiring drive we badly wanted to rest but our excitement to see more places kept us on track and  we hiked to visit the famed Mall Road! The town’s heartbeat. There were lot of cafes, shops and lounges on Mall Road along with few markets as well. All families, couples and youngsters were finding their own place to enjoy the scenes, after all it was a Saturday nite!

Must visit cafes:

  • Cafe Simla Times: Nice open air seating with soothing live music really makes your day. Try to find some place outside. It’s awesome.
  • Eighteen71: Centrally located, excellent food to relish. Famous for its cocktails.
  • Wake n Bake: Quite a small and an intimate place. Perfect for breakfast. Also recommended by Rocky & Mayur

What to pack:

  • For summers: Carry light clothes (Shirts, tops, tees, dresses {yes you can carry lot of dresses as the crowd is decent}, sports shoes, flats, ballerinas etc.
  • Sunscreen, hats/caps, headbands & Sunglasses will help shield you from the strong sun at a high altitude.

What I Wore:

Jersey Striped Top: H&M

Mid-rise straight cut Jeans: Zara

Necklace: H&M

Cotton Canvas Espadrilles Shoes: H&M



Breakfast buffet!


Feeling blessed 🙂


Run to the hills!


Himachali folk dance!


Selfie-time 🙂

IMG_4009 IMG_4048 IMG_4052 IMG_4055 IMG_4073 IMG_4074


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