Raise ‘a few’ eyebrows-Quizzical..??.. ‘Benefit BROW BAR’


For those of you who get your eyebrows done at regular salons – PLEASE STOP! Let me tell you we are all living in a fool’s paradise!

YES we are!

Do you know that brow professionals are supposed to ask whole bunch of questions, prior to threading? Ask your skin type so your skin doesn’t rip off? Map your brows according to your face cut? AND getting your eyebrows done is supposed to take more than just 5 minutes?

We spend a fortune on make-up and anti-ageing creams but what we forget is that the most economical and quickest way to look groomed and more youthful is to sort out your eyebrows. ‘Rather like a frame on an assemblage, the brows shouldn’t be a feature in their own right, their job is to complement, brighten and lift your eyes and face.

Even I had no idea, until I went to Benefit BROW BAR. For those of you who hate threading, tweezing, waxing –this is your one stop shop!

At the Benefit Brow Bar, they not only take their time, but they make sure that your brows are shaped to frame your face. Benefit Arch expert begin the service with their signature technique called Brow mapping which is a 3 step process and helps you identify the most flattering shape for your face. The results from this service will leave you polished, pretty & put together.

I can honestly say that after going to the Benefit Brow Bar, I will never get my eyebrows done anywhere else. Huge thanks to my girl, Laxmi, at Sephora. I would call her a Brow Wizard as I am usually very finicky about my eyebrows getting done from a regular parlour, leaving me no choice but to step in to high end stores, but my trip to Benefit was a great investment and totally worth it.

WOW TIP: Wear brow zings for perfect shape brows!

Courtesy: Vikram Vijay Kant (Country Manager) and Shriya Batth (Brand Head – India)

This post is in collaboration with Benefit

Pictures for inspiration below.. 🙂

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