Day 2 (Himachal) – Not-so-good Kufri & charming Chail

Day 2 (12th June’16): {Shimla KufriChail}

After going through endless photographs from my Himachal Pradesh trip, I have managed to shortlist few which capture the essence of Day 1 & Day 2. Kufri is about an hour long drive from Shimla. All over the internet people were talking about “Fun World” which can offer the highest point in Kufri from where (through binoculars) you can see India – China Border (vaguely), horse riding, yak riding, adventure activities and a view of apple orchards which I personally feel wasn’t worth it. The guide there will sell you this place like anything (obviously) and they charge approx. 500 Rs/- per person only for the horse riding which will take you to a certain point and you have to walk from there approx. 100 meters or so to enjoy other activities. The horse riding path is filled with stones and mud which doesn’t help and all the other ‘fun’ activities above are charged separately including the binoculars part, if you end up doing all of them, it can come to more than INR 1,500 per person easily. The animals are mistreated, place is dirty and not maintained. We spent approx. 2 hours in Kufri and I really felt it wasn’t worth it. It’s a good drive, the views are scenic, but my advice would be to stay away, if you can, from the ‘touristy’ places. Only good memento we could take away from Kufri were the FRUIT WINES 🙂 YES… you heard me right, if you are a wine lover please get fruit wines from there. They are available in more than 20 different flavours and the wine seller will happily make you taste before you buy them so you can pick and choose what you like. Therefore, after a not-so-good experience, we headed to Chail.

Chail is another hour and a half drive (Approx. 35 Kms) from Kufri and WOW, what a drive it was. Continuous hair-bend turns through thick luscious forests, minimum traffic and pretty decent roads in a Volkswagen Polo was quite something. Among those 35 Kms, the roads were flawless for almost 25 and you will have to compromise for the other 10, but the HP Govt., was repairing the bad roads so I think when the season starts again around September, possibly the entire Kufri-Chail road should be smoothened up! I am recommending that you can do these two places only for the drive itself, if you’re ‘in’ that kind of a thing!

The temperature dipped considerably the more we moved towards Chail. Even forests grew thicker & denser leaving very little space for sunlight to pass. We could only hear the sound of chirping birds with very less people around which makes it all the more amazing. We straight away headed to the highest cricket ground in the world. Though it’s no longer used for playing cricket but instead used as a school playground (lotta crowd here as well). Then we moved to the famous Chail Palace. This place is now converted into a resort and people can actually book it in advance and stay. The Palace has lot to offer; you can see grand rooms & lobbies with lots of paintings, manicured lawns, Himachali folk dance etc. We had lunch in the restaurant inside the palace which serves a typical North Indian menu in a round table seating with a good view and a biig Chandelier adorning as a center-piece. The food was decent and beer was refreshing! On our way back, we discovered a trek in the middle of nowhere. With all the excitement, we stopped our car and started walking towards the nearby forest. And man, what a beauty! It was such an amazing feeling. So much greenery, narrow treks, chirping birds, deodar & Pine trees ah!. To our surprise we also spotted Wild Martens 🙂

I must say Chail has so much to offer, one should not skip it if you are doing Himachal Pradesh 🙂

Pictures for inspiration below 🙂


Eat, sleep & VW!


Forests there!


With Michael & Gujjar (our horses) in Kufri!


Dawn in the laps of himalayas!


Those Birch, Pine & Deodar trees 🙂


Took a moment to soak all this beauty!


What a view, sigh!


Trek in the middle of nowhere 🙂


Clear sky hehe


Sun welcoming us!


If only I could capture the beauty!


Humongous Chandeliers @ Palace restaurant!


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