Moroccan oil- A Miracle Demystified!

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Moroccan oil !

Who doesn’t want luscious, bouncy, frizz–free hair??? The products we use, the way we wash, dry & style definitely makes a lot of difference…Am I right??? Yeah..! Today’s post is all about hair care. It’s my hair that drives me nuts. On a bad hair day, I can’t really think straight 🙁

I have heard rave reviews about Moroccan Oil. From celebrities, to runway models to salon experts. MoroccanOil is the buzzword, almost everyone is talking about it. Initially, I was very hesitant but wanted to give it a try mainly because of my stylists at Geetanjali who suggested me a combination of Moroccan Oil, Shampoo, & Conditioner (Will be writing about Shampoo & conditioner soon).

Experience: I have used the product religiously for almost a month now and let me tell you its pretty impressive. Just apply 2 teeny tiny pumps (of concentrated oil) in towel dried hair and blow dry. It will leave your hair softer and shinier with less fizziness and healthier ends. It comes in a dark bottle with a pump with floral woody fragrance – like incense. This product really has ticked all the boxes for me.

Packaging: It has bright Turquoise packaging with an Orange “M”. Gives a good premium look.


Price: Moroccan Oil takes pride in using cold pressed Argan oil which is the key ingredient apart from Silicone polymers which are popular for hair smoothening & frizz fighting.                                                                                     (here comes the catch) A 100ml bottle will set you back INR 2655 😉 . I know the price is super steep, and i know you wont believe me when i say this, it is worth it.

Overall I completely loved the product. My hair looks better and definitely feels softer, I absolutely love my little Genie bottle!

Have you tried Moroccan oil yet? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Lots of love!


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