#MMPicks Spring Summer Collection 2017

Welcome to my brand new series of personal favorites for this season! This is a carefully curated list that I have decided to put together for all you fashionistas.


  • The Classic Sling bag: They add an instant vintage charm and can makeover even the most boring outfits. Plus this bag is water resistant and stains can easily be removed with soapy water. How convenient!


  • Oxidized Floral Danglers: They say old is gold, and this is particularly true when it comes to handcrafted antique accessories. My current obsession is on this pink long tassel with brass one paisa coin. A little retro goes a long way!


  • Metallic Gold Flat Slippers: It’s a Metallic kind off season!! These sassy & sexy slippers can be paired with any look giving you an urban & an instant freshness. These are my go-to favorites for this season.


  • Travel Wallet: Say yes to texture and layers this season. Infact I say the quirkier, the better!


  • Formal Clutch:This is a special one, I have this well sort-of obsession you could say where every time i see such cute, chic and colorful clutches, I just try to grab them. They go so well with dresses, skirts or even with an Indian outfit.


  • Collared Cape: You will spot this fashion trend quite often this season. From runways to street style it’s just everywhere. Even I haven’t tried it until recently. It gives a touch of an elegance to any outfit from skirts to jeans to lehangas (for an Indo-western look) 🙂

I think i have raved enough about the collection and my choice 🙂 All of these amazing amazing accessories are available on Label Mansion. Please go and gift yourself something feminine this season 🙂 and do keep me posted with your comments on how you like the experience with Label Mansion.

Till then,




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