Goals & Inspirations – 2017

Very recently, i posted  a video on YouTube covering “Goals & Inspirations” – 2017. Since, many of you requested for the post so here I am with my 5 New Year’s Resolutions 🙂 It’s really imp to keep yourself motivated and I hope this video/post will help you make one 🙂 If you don’t wish to read click on the video above and do keep me posted with your comments!

Enjoy your post 🙂

So My 1st resolution is:

  • Start waking up early and stick to a proper morning routine. I chose this as my 1st goal of the year since I can concentrate better and I want to take up a new task every week for an hr. and by the end of the week I’ll have 7-8 hrs. Also, there is one more reason, I’ll have extra time for myself before leaving for office and I can start the day right instead of just rushing into things 🙂 Now, I know it’s bit of a task getting up early morning, sticking to a proper morning routine. It all looks fancy but it could be very very difficult to achieve so how am I gonna do this??
    • Now 1st & the foremost thing is Start defining your why? It could be like you want to clean your house or you want to take up a new activity or you want to read a book, whatever it is just define your why and you will start seeing a change.
    • Now, 2nd way of how you can get up early in the morning: If you are really tired of losing the battle with a traditional alarm clock then it’s time to try something different, get a Math Alarm Clock. Yes…You heard me right, this clock actually makes you solve 3-5 math questions and by the time you will be on your last one, you would realize u actually don’t need to hit bed.
    • Wake up at the same time everyday, yes believe me it really helps as your body gets tuned to it and somehow it works like a magic.

So, I hope you guyz try out these tips & tricks and hopefully will be able to get up early morning everyday.

  • So, my 2nd goal is to take sometime out to read 1 book a month. And if you wanna make this interesting then pick some topic and just start reading about it. Like i chose creativity as a topic and I hope to be more creative in coming months 🙂 For those who love photography, by the end of this year you would have read like 12 books about photography. Now tell me how cool is that!
  • My 3rd goal is to eat healthier n fresher and stop any kind of processed food. So from now on there will be more fruits & veggies in my diet.
  • My 4th goal is to further define my personal style as I am already a fashion blogger and i think i dress up quiet nicely 😉 Haha… But seriously nothing is better than knowing what suits you best. And i feel one also gets an opportunity to experiment with different looks and styles which is always good. Loving yourself is always Ah-mazing!
  • And my last goal of 2017 – Since i am a music lover i have decided that i would listen to 1 new album every month.

And here i complete the list of my goals which i am planning to stick to and let’s see where i reach. I hope you all liked my video. Do keep me posted with your comments on what your goals are and i would love to hear them.

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