Day 6 & 7 (Himachal) – Manali-> Kasol-> Delhi

SO, after spending roughly around 3 days in spectacular Spiti Valley we headed back to Manali, stayed overnight and explored few local cafes. Next day (on 17th June), I headed to Kasol my last stop for the 9 day excursion. We specifically kept Kasol as my last stop assuming that we will be super tired and would wanna relax in the stoner’s paradise {just saying 😉 } Situated on the banks of river Parvati amidst Picturesque mountains, Kasol is backpackers paradise. As Kasol is flocked by Israelis one can find ample food options and pleeease don’t forget to explore the local flea market for shopping. Kasol’s flea market has all good stuff that a hippie backpacker might be looking for.

My hotel was on the Kasol-Manikaran highway where you can find most of the famous cafes/joints located. This place is incomplete without trying the magical Malana cream..’s as true as my next statement which is just buzzing in my mind…The magic doesn’t lie in the cream you smoke but of course the place where you smoke, Am I talking like a pro..haha lol… It’s in the air — Yes, the trippiness totally depends on the environment around you; could be music, could be people.

Things to do
If you think mountains and Malana cream are the only attractions then my friend you’re wrong.
There are plenty of other options like:

  • In night one can go for a beautiful riverside walk to Chalal, trust me it’s very refreshing
  • Do stroll to the local flea market for harem pants, sweat shirts, chillums, mixing pouches, hiking gear etc. Do remember to bargain there, this is one skill which will come in very handy
  • Famous cafes: There are plenty of cafes but according to me all of them are below average. Cafes which i preferred were Jim Morrison Cafe, Moon Dance Cafe & Buddha Place.
  • Trek to Tosh & Malana: Both are small quaint villages which has more of a European influence. Both the places are famous for psychedelic parties.
  • Kasol is rapidly turning into a jewish settlement where Shalom is used quite often. You can spot a lot of hebrew signboards. Enjoy it! It has its own charm 🙂

Pictures for inspiration below:

img_4838 img_4845 img_4871 img_4874 img_4837img_4876 img_4878 img_4882 img_4883 img_4890 img_4900



  1. Have tons of journeys to do in India especially up North. You are walking in front of a traditional home like structure in one of the pictures. Is it someone’s property or a hotel. If its the latter, can you please tell me the name?

    • Hey,
      It’s a hotel – The Himalayan Village. One of the best properties to stay in Kasol. They have restaurants to spas to a traditional bar, basically you will get a first class treatment in a true pahari style 🙂

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