Day 5 – (Himachal) – Kaza (Spiti Valley)

Prelude: Kaza is a very small town in Spiti Valley but it’s very popular because of numerous reasons. First, its connectivity with the entire valley and secondly, its flora & fauna which changes every few kms. More about Kaza you can read in my previous blog.

SO after much contemplation and discussion with the local guys we decided to cover the below places in the first few hours of the day and kept the rest of the day fluid. Few places which we decided to cover were:

  • Komic monastery (highest most point in Kaza)
  • Wanted to experience the feeling of sending postcards to our parents from the world’s highest post office 🙂
  • Pin Valley and the other few monasteries

Obviously we couldn’t include anything else as we were so sure of those treacherous and deadliest roads.

Day 5: (15th June’16):

It was a beautiful sunny morning. Infact, the sun was so strong that we got up @ 6:00am. Enjoyed the view from the balcony for few hours, had breakfast, got ready and around 9ish were all set for the day. We took approx. an hour and a half to reach Komic Monastery. It is at an altitude of 15,049ft (4587 m). Because of its high altitude I experienced little bit of breathing problem, majorly while walking I realized that I was getting tired quickly. For locals, it’s just a thing as their body is so accustomed. While exploring the monastery I happened to meet few monks, did some touristy things like clicking pictures etc. After this we headed to the world’s highest post office. Doesn’t it knock your socks off! To be honest, I was lil surprised to hear that the world’s highest post office is in India. I mean like really, how many people know bout it {food for thought 😉 }

Ankit & I, like kids were so excited to see the place from inside. He had bundles and bundles of postcards with him. It was really an amazing feeling to send those postcards, I still remember those words “Hey Mom & Dad – Remembering you from the world’s highest post office. Wishing to see you soon!”… On the way back, we both were super silent and contented and there was a smile on our faces. It was actually a beautiful feeling. One should have this on the top of their bucket list while visiting Spiti Valley. This satisfaction no money can buy.

After this we straight away headed to Pin Valley, it was a long and tiring journey. To be honest I didn’t enjoy it much may be because I was so tired of those bumpy roads and on the other hand Ankit was super excited to see what’s next. The view on the way was surreal, devoid of colour. It had its own charm. We saw one of the monastery, spent some time with those monk kids bought few biscuit packets, chips etc. and headed back to our hotel. Rested for sometime and geared ourselves up for the evening to explore local market & cafes.
While exploring the market bought some prayer flags, caps, scarfs etc. then sat at German cafe had some coffee and muffins. Now, we had the entire evening to ourselves so thought of trying few more cafes/places. Headed to Cafe Sol, an amazing place! If you happened to be there definitely try out the various chais that they have. We also met both the girls who were running this place. They were part of an NGO – Ecosphere. Ecosphere is very popular among locals. If some corporate slave wants to do something different in life this is what one should aim for. You can read more about Ecosphere here.img_4623 img_4627 img_4637 img_4648 img_4650 img_4654 img_4658 img_4665 img_4667 img_4671 img_4684 img_4686 img_4690 img_4689 img_4624 img_4701 img_4717 img_4726 img_4744 img_4768 img_4829 img_4832


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