About Me


Hola, my readers!

I’m Mansi!

Welcome to my musings; created in 2015.
As a child, I was always inspired by colors, dresses & shoes and that’s how “Mansi Musings” comes to life. I started this blog as a hobby but now this passion is leading me to so many places, teaching me so much about fashion & life experiences. Of late, I juggle my time between snapping outfits, collaborating with fellow bloggers and of course, my full-time marketing job.
My blog is the story of my own creations. I am a self-taught photographer and a blogger.
MM is going to be my shout out about my world of fashion, lifestyle & beauty along with some lovely snaps. I wish to share my inspirations from fashion, travel & life.
A health conscious, neat freak and an eternal optimist. I hope to make few friends with the world of blogging and fashion from my new adventurous journey <3 🙂
I am going to keep you guys posted with the latest trends, the item du jour, the haute couture and the fashion faux pas to avoid for seasons to come.

With Love,
~ MM ~